Noam Chomsky about the Internet:

"I think that there are good things about it, but there are also aspects of it that concern and worry me. This is an intuitive response – I can’t prove it – but my feeling is that, since people aren’t Martians or robots, direct face-to-face contact is an extremely important part of human life. It helps develop self-understanding and the growth of a healthy personality. ... You just have a different relationship to somebody when you’re looking at them than you do when you’re punching away at a keyboard and some symbols come back. I suspect that extending that form of abstract and remote relationship, instead of direct, personal contact, is going to have unpleasant effects on what people are like. It will diminish their humanity, I think." Noam Chomsky’s answer in Secrets, Lies and Democracy (David Barsamian 1994; Odonian) to "What do you think about the Internet?"